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Network Administration/ Setup

Network and computer systems administrators install, configure, support, and repair computer systems for businesses.  Network and computer system administrators monitor networks and adjust their performance as needed.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments

From server monitoring, performance monitoring and network security to server analytics, Security Hacking, LLC empowers your company with an IT specialist that proactively watches its systems and reacts before anything can truly impact productivity. 

Exchange  Management

With Security Hacking, LLC providing your company's advanced Exchange configuration support, you can enjoy uninterrupted service, easy-to-use functionality, advanced security, and much more.

Router Configuration

Bandwidth utilization, wireless connectivity, network segmentation and network isolation are essential to a company's level of productivity and can affect its gross revenues. 

Firewall Management

The Internet is an invaluable business resource.  Unfortunately, employee access to inappropriate websites and content can lead to a disruptive work environment, lost productivity, and even open your company to the potential of lawsuits. One of the best ways to increase stability in your work environment is to manage the firewall.

Onsite Server/Desktop Support

When performing critical desktop support, server support or network support maintenance or repair, onsite tech support availability is essential to optimum response time, understanding a site's work habits and for building vital customer relationships.

Remote Workplace

As more and more businesses turn to telecommuting, companies are requiring highly specialized IT support and remote workplace solutions.  After all, wireless technology that facilitates remote office and home office users also poses unique logistical issues and concerns.

Antivirus/Anti-spam solutions

Fraudulent email schemes and malicious viruses are continually evolving and pose unrelenting threats to your business. By utilizing industry-leading applications for Internet filtering and security,  Security Hacking, LLC can protect your company from security breaches and unsolicited email before they reach your mail server. 


Certified Ethical Hacker  Citrix Certified Administrator  Certified Penetration Tester Comp TIA IT Tech

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