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Business IT Solutions


Help Desk

With limited staff, or the usual one-man outsourced solution, quick turn-around time support is not realistically available to most small and medium-sized companies. But with  Security Hacking, LLC, one phone call from anywhere gives you immediate access to our help desk and highly trained IT professionals and remote support tools.

Customer Service

At  Security Hacking, LLC  our overriding objective is complete customer satisfaction. Which is why our computer consultants are highly skilled at both systems engineering and interpersonal communication. Our technology consultants are are outgoing, skilled technologists who communicate with you to ensure expectations are set and met, your company’s needs are addressed, and you know what is going on at all times.


Are your employees and new hires ­– or your company’s bottom line, for that matter – benefiting fully from its software applications?  If they aren’t being professionally trained, chances are good they’re not.  Implementing new solutions typically requires some level of qualified instruction.

Staff Augmentation

A wide range of companies with existing IT departments have relied on  Security Hacking, LLC  for an extensive array of tasks.  Whether it's helping with a backlog of end user support requests, a new office move or even labor-intensive implementations, you can be sure we'll meet all your IT staffing needs or just help your existing department out when needed.


If your company operates using a Linux based platform, then your Linux users will benefit greatly from  Security Hacking, LLC 's highly trained, business-grade Linux support engineers.

Email Archiving

As email storage needs grow almost daily - and managing it becomes increasingly complex - many  Security Hacking, LLC customers are turning to email archiving solutions designed to lessen the demands placed on their company servers.

Handheld Solutions

From accessing email, contacts and calendars to billing time in the field, taking an order or checking inventory, today's busy business professionals demand the real-time access to their company's network that only handheld devices can offer.  But how do you decide which device or solutions are the most appropriate for your business's requirements?


Certified Ethical Hacker  Citrix Certified Administrator  Certified Penetration Tester Comp TIA IT Tech

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